Yes, it’s only tres de mayo, but Sunday is a lousy day to hold a sale. Besides, today is International Day against DRM. For today through the 5th, you can get Files that Last on Smashwords — DRM-free, of course — for the super-low price of $3.20 instead of the usual $7.99. Enter the coupon code TT58Q when buying the book to get this price. If you already have it, why not buying a copy for a friend or colleague?

This applies only to copies bought on Smashwords, not on other sites. Sorry if you prefer to buy on the iTunes store, but I’m not able to issue coupons for other sites.

Correction: Earlier I’d listed $2.99. I wasn’t able to set the price directly on Smashwords, so I had to set it as a percentage off and made it 60% off, setting it to $3.20. Apologies to anyone who was annoyed by the discrepancy.