We’re getting down to the final week of the Kickstarter drive, so it’s time for the last big push. If you’ve mentioned this project before, please mention it again. If there’s a place you can appropriately put up a banner, please do. If you’re thinking about pledging, now’s the time.

The end of the first draft is coming within sight. There’s still research to do, especially on video and Microsoft Office formats, but it’s really starting to look like a book. With the material that’s going into it, I’m convinced it will be a good one.

Whether the drive comes through or not, the book will happen. Whether it comes through or not, I’ll be relieved when it’s done. OK, if it doesn’t, I’ll be depressed, but also relieved to be done with this incessant self-promotion. I’m still aiming for success and the better quality that will go with it.