By way of appreciation for all of you who have been following my adventures in begging for money, here’s a free book! It’s my Compute!’s Guide to Adventure Games, the 1984 edition (not the revised one, which has one completely different chapter).

My first reaction on discovering it was annoyance that a book of mine had been put online without my permission. Then I realized permission isn’t mine to give, since I wrote it under a “work for hire” contract and signed all rights away to the publisher. If anyone has a complaint, it’s whoever now owns Compute!’s assets. From a post on, it appears that as of 2007 the rights belonged to Omni Publications International, and the owner doesn’t care what’s done with the old Compute! books.

So we have a case of my own book being digitally preserved on the Internet, and you all get to see what my writing was like 29 years ago, as well as reading a little slice of computer gaming history. Everyone wins.