The trial run book, JHOVE Tips for Developers, is now available on Smashwords. You can name your own price, including zero. If you have some actual use for the book or you’d like to support ongoing development of JHOVE, please pay whatever you consider a reasonable price for it. If you’re not involved in software development for digital preservation or archiving but just want to see what it looks like, go ahead and grab a free copy. You can look at the first quarter of the book before deciding.

This includes what I think is the most readable guide so far on how to set up JHOVE, and something much like that chapter will appear as an appendix in Files that Last, so to that extent it’s a preview of FTL, but the rest is more programmer-oriented than anything in FTL will have.

With that practice run out of the way, I can now put my full attention back on the big book. Keep the support coming, and thanks!