We’ve had our intermission and Act II is starting now. There’s still quite a way to go to reach the Kickstarter goal of $2000, but it’s doable. Attaining that goal will mean having professional proofreading and cover design, which will make a big difference in the book’s reach. The more I write, the more I think you’ll be pleased with the ideas and techniques on digital preservation that will be in it. Making them known is a goal which I’m sure most of you share with me.

Banner: Fight digital amnesia / Support Files that LastWhat’s needed at this point is to get the word out more broadly than ever. If you know of places on the Web where the drive can be appropriately mentioned, please give this drive a mention. If there are places of your own where you can put up the banners, consider doing that. If you think people would enjoy the “Files that Last” song, offer them a link to it. Don’t spam or get annoying, of course, but try to make sure everyone who’d want to support the book gets to know about it.

The last day is January 15. Let’s see it happen by then!