This morning there were 185 comments caught by WordPress’s spam filter, and for the first time on any of my WordPress blogs I just deleted them without checking for legitimate comments. The large majority of the spam comes from a sleaze that makes me wish Hell existed just so they’d be sent to it: a “Lista de Emails” spammer, apparently based in Brazil, which is clearly convinced that if only they bombard me with enough spam comments, some will sneak past the filter. Because of this problem, I’ve just reduced the window in which comments are allowed on new posts from seven days to four. Sorry about having to do this.

WordPress’s filter does a very good job, with very few false positives or negatives, but I wish they’d block the IP addresses of the worst offenders so they don’t clog up the spam queue so much. If you posted a comment in the past day or two and it hasn’t appeared, try again (no, not you, Mistliste).

Anyway, I’m back to working on FTL and making lots of interesting discoveries. To write about something is to learn even more about it. For instance, it turns out that there aren’t separate formats for OpenOffice text, spreadsheets, drawings, etc., but just one format to rule them all.