Files that Last is now past 40,000 words, with the completion of an especially difficult chapter on storage media. In fact, here’s a draft of that chapter for your perusal. Questions on long-term survival of storage media are difficult. People selling DVDs say they’ll last a hundred years, but there aren’t any more than sixteen years old, so who knows?

Feedback on this chapter is welcome. I’m not concerned about polishing the writing at this point, though I’ll save any feedback for later. What I’d really like to hear about is whether I’ve gotten anything wrong or missed important points.

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I’m not going to throw all this work away if the Kickstarter project doesn’t meet its goal, but in that case I’ll publish it with only basic proofreading and a homemade cover, so it might not reach the audience I think it deserves. Your support will help to get the ideas and techniques of digital preservation out to a bigger audience.