This blog was an ambitious leap. I wanted to create something that would carry digital preservation beyond the niche groups currently interested in it. My first post began: “‘Digital preservation’ is a term known mostly to librarians, archivists, and the computer geeks who work with them. It’s something we should all be concerned with, though, if we have data files that we want to stay around for a long time.”

My goal was to make this a professional activity, something that might get picked up by a well-known website or at least have enough readership to be worth monetizing. This clearly isn’t happening. Since January my readership has been pretty much flat. The figures are respectable for a niche blog, with over 500 views every month; but I already have a niche blog, File Formats Blog, and there’s little reason to have two. I can continue commenting on preservation over there.

If you aren’t already famous, the odds of getting wide recognition are low. I gave it my best try. It was enjoyable sticking to a schedule, turning out a post every Tuesday, and trying to make my writing more interesting. June is going to be a very busy month for me, so I might as well cash out now. Thanks to everyone who read, commented, and gave me publicity.